Funder: The Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme administered by WCVA

Building upon the recent renovations and events programmes at Minera Lead Mines heritage and interpretation centre, the Making More of Minera Country Park project has provided opportunities for local people to get involved in volunteering to maintain the site’s habitats for wildlife. This has been complemented by an education programme and seasonal events.

The education programme is specific to Minera, providing opportunities for children from local schools to learn about the built and natural heritage of the site, and to value it for future generations.

Volunteers have improved the country park through woodland and grassland management, path maintenance, improving and creating garden areas, and maintaining open viewing areas for visitors to enjoy the heritage features.

In the latter half of 2022/23, the project has


  • Engaged 5 regular weekly volunteers
  • Planted 20 trees
  • Benefitted 4,500 local people by
  • improving 5,000m2 of green space