Funder: Hubbub

Our Community Fridge is based at Refurbs Flint and is tackling food waste. However due to the cost of living crisis people are relying on using this resource weekly. The fridge is stocked by collecting surplus food from supermarkets, local food businesses, and producers. 

The fridge brings the community together to eat, connect, learn new skills, and reduce food waste. 

Leading up to Halloween, the Community Fridge ran a campaign called #EatYourPumpkin encouraging the community to utilise the pumpkin ‘waste’ from jack o lanterns and make a soup. Samples of the soup were available from the Community Fridge along with a takeaway recipe card and the soups ingredients.

  • 5.04 tonnes food diverted
  • 117 members
  • 12.6 tonnes of CO2 saved