Find out the latest from Woodland Well-being

Our Woodland Wellbeing project is funded thanks to the Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme and connects the woodland areas in the Flintshire communities of Buckley, Alltami, and Broughton through volunteering opportunities for all. The focus is on woodland management and creation, as well as holding engaging education and well-being events.

Weekly volunteer sessions are held supporting the habitats in these woodland areas. The volunteer groups have concentrated on the conservation of native broadleaved woodland habitats including mature woodland that connect these areas. The teams are working to improve the conditions that help native species, support new planting, and create, restore, enhance, and maintain natural habitats.

To achieve a greater involvement by local communities we have developed a new timetable of well-being events. There is a variety of events aimed at families and a separate programme aimed at adults. Here are 2 examples of recent events.

Our Nature Mosaics event welcomed 18 children and their parents to the nature reserve to make mosaics inspired by nature. We were delighted by the wonderful mosaics they created depicting newts, trees, ponds, and insects.

This spring, Jill Blandford, a local yoga teacher joined us at Knowle Hill to host an outdoor yoga session. Charley Dutton, Wild Ground Reserves Officer gave a great summary of the event.

"We wanted to host some special and different events at our nature reserves to attract the local community and to get immersed in nature.”

“We enjoyed hosting our outdoor yoga event, the sounds from the surrounding trees created the perfect bubble to get away from the stress of modern life for an hour. Jill brought along singing bowls which we listened to while staring up at the light shining through the canopy. It was a relaxing and engaging experience.”

If you would like to get more involved with our Woodland Well-being programme through our volunteering activities or well-being events, please contact Wild Ground on 01978 757524 or email [email protected]