Environments for Nature: Environments for People

At Wild Ground we work to engage, inspire and enthuse local communities to act together to protect wildlife, and enhance habitats and eco-systems.

Our Aims

  • To provide opportunities to all members of the community to connect with and to value their local wildlife
  • We aspire to provide ecological training, delivering learning opportunities for personal and professional skills development
  • To create opportunities and provide support for a diverse range of volunteers
  • To conserve habitats for the benefit of amphibian and reptile population

Wild Ground is also able to offer a range of ecological consultancy services including, surveys of protected species; great crested newt, other amphibians, reptiles, bats, water vole, birds, dormouse and otter. Our qualified and experienced staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in conservation which enables us to give professional and practical advice.

We are a registered charity whose work is dependent on funding and donations from funders, businesses, local communities and our members.