Volunteering opportunities at Llwyni Valley


The new Friends of Llwyni Group was set up in January this year to enable local people to get involved in improving the green spaces on their doorstep. The group is a partnership between Flintshire County Council, Wild Ground and the Our Back Yard project who currently work to maintain the area. The group offers the chance for people to get involved in this important conservation area and aims to attract anyone with an interest in conservation and their local environment through monthly volunteering sessions.

The Llwyni area is a unique collection of woodlands, meadows and ponds, which were preserved during the development of the area through the hard work and commitment of local people. The area today is a haven for a variety of flora and fauna, playing a vital role in the local environment and at the same time providing residents with access from their doorstep to pleasant walks through meadows and woodlands.

So far the group has worked hard to improve access to and around the entrance to Llwyni valley by raising the canopy of existing trees, removing bramble and opening up the area. The aim is that this will not only prevent anti-social behaviour, but also increase light to the young trees and encourage their growth.

The next sessions will be held on Thursday 19th March and Thursday 23rd April. Everyone is welcome and if anyone is interested or wants further information, please contact the Our Back Yard project on 01978 75724.”