A programme for parents

Happy Families helps parents to stay healthy both emotionally and mentally. The programme will help families to become better at managing finance and budgets, become better placed to find employment or higher skilled work and be more effective at managing everyday home life such as eating healthily and understanding bills.

Participants will attend a 12-week programme twice a week, and this one year project  will have 3 elements;

Me Time is aimed at improving parents’ skills, knowledge and confidence through accredited courses, life skills and healthy lifestyles training.

Our Time will benefit whole families physically and mentally through activities that are low or no cost.  Parents' confidence will get a boost through family fun activity sessions and outdoor challenges.

Better Together will help young parents to build support networks encouraging families to come together and share stories, get peer support, seek advice and guidance, and get essential hints/tips.

The project will therefore provide the support, and skills and give confidence to young families to help them live more successfully, independently and to thrive in their homes.

Contact Lisa or Charlotte call 01978 757524 [email protected]/[email protected]

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