The Refurbs Repair and Reuse centre with Caffi Cyfle in Buckley are on the lookout for volunteers to help with their popular monthly Repair Café.

Refurbs Buckley are seeking volunteers with a love of fixing things to help at the monthly Repair Café to reduce waste sent to landfill.

Woodwork is one of the many tasks that the Repair Session volunteers can cover, the re-weaving of the seat was more of a specialist project the volunteer decided to undertake. This stool, brought in by a member of the local community, holds sentimental value being passed down from their Grandmother.

We aim to push against a throw-away culture, opting to try and fix items before they are thrown away and replaced. Our monthly repair sessions invite volunteers with their skills and toolboxes to the café, and the local community are encouraged to bring their broken items for assessment and repair.

Hanna Clarke, Organiser, says ‘We want to enable volunteer repairers to help their local community, offering residents of Buckley a free alternative to throwing out their household items.’

We are especially looking for people who are handy with textiles, electrical appliances and wooden objects. However, we also have room for volunteers who could act as a host, welcoming attendees to the session and track the items brought in for repair.

If you'd like to get involved, please email [email protected] with some detail about your experience.