Fostering a Circular Economy and Promoting Local Resilience

Refurbs Buckley is proud to announce a series of upcoming events designed to promote sustainability, foster community engagement, and support the local economy. With a focus on the principles of the circular economy, these events provide opportunities for residents to participate in activities that reduce waste, promote reuse, and celebrate the abundance of resources available within our community.

The lineup of events includes:

Plant Swap & Sale (June 21st): Join us for as we swap and sell plants, encouraging the local community to share their love for plants while reducing the demand for new plant purchases.

Local & Sustainable Produce Sale (July 20th): Join us to browse locally sourced produce and sustainable goodies. Support the local economy and reduce your carbon footprint by shopping locally.

Children's Clothing & Toy Swap & Sale (June 7th): Parents and caregivers, it's time to declutter and refresh your children’s wardrobe and toy collection. Bring along gently used children's clothing and toys to swap with others or browse our selection of pre-loved items available for purchase. It's a sustainable way to keep up with your growing kids' needs.

Bike & Toy Repair Session (August 14th): Pop over to Refurbs Buckley for a day of bike and toy repair. Our skilled volunteers will be on hand to help fix bikes and toys, promoting the longevity of these items and reducing unnecessary waste.

Hobbies & Entertainment Swap & Sale (August 30th): Dive into a world of hobbies and entertainment at our swap and sale event. Whether you're into board games, crafting, Cd’s or DVD’s, there's something for everyone. Bring along your gently used supplies to swap with fellow enthusiasts or browse our selection of pre-owned items available for purchase.

Homeware & Interior Swap & Sale (September 7th): Spruce up your living space with our homeware and interior swap and sale event. From stylish decor to practical kitchen gadgets, you can find treasures that breathe new life into your homes while supporting the circular economy.

These events are more than just shopping opportunities; they're opportunities to build a more sustainable and resilient community. By promoting reuse, reducing waste, and supporting local businesses.

"We believe that sustainability starts at the community level," says Hanna Clarke, Events & Marketing Manager at Refurbs Buckley. "Through these events, we hope to inspire the community to rethink their purchasing habits and embrace a more circular way of living."

These pop-up events have received £5,657 from the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Don't miss out on these exciting events at Refurbs Buckley. Together, we can make a difference for our planet and future generations. For more information on these events or how get involved in swapping please contact Hanna on 01978 757 524, email [email protected] or visit