Groundwork North Wales has successfully secured funding from the Welsh Government’s Landfill Disposal Tax Communities Scheme, administered by WCVA

to make a positive improvement to the local environment at the Plas Power Nature reserve at Tanyfron and volunteers from the surrounding area are needed to get involved with the project.

The Plas Power Colliery site in Tanyfron near Wrexham was once a busy coal mine, the site lay derelict for many years but is now the old miners offices are home to Groundwork North Wales, a charity focusing on social, economic, cultural and economic projects across North Wales and the surrounding land regenerated into the Plas Power nature reserve. A favourite spot for locals who utilise the site for recreation.

Project officer Geraint Hughes said: “Groundwork North Wales is excited about the Plas Power project. Volunteers make such a difference to a project like this and its great to see residents from the local area taking part in such a project”

“As well as the changes to the local environment a project like this brings it is also great to see the benefits to see the physical and mental health benefits that a project like this can bring to people, and to see them enjoying being outside.

The project aims to improving the biodiversity currently on site. Enhancing and improving the area for the grassland for wildflowers and ground nesting birds such as skylarks. The woodland area will be thinned to encourage stronger trees and bring light to the woodland floor, some replanting with native species such as Oak will take place. And a new pond will be dug so lots of practical and social volunteer days will be accessible. The improvements will have a positive impact on pollinating insects and other species which is likely to spread beyond the site perimeter."

Come and join the Groundwork North Wales team and be part of this wonderful project, they are looking for local residents that would like to take part in these conservation activities giving the opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills. There will also be opportunities for local schools and community groups to get involved.

For further details about the project and to get involved contact Geraint  Hughes  on 01978 757 524  [email protected]