River Gwenfro Together: Launch of community-led project to revive the river Gwenfro in Wrexham, North East Wales.


A community-led project is underway aimed at reviving the river Gwenfro in Wrexham, North Wales. The project, led by the Welsh Dee Trust and Groundwork North Wales, is set to engage local residents, decision makers and businesses in developing a comprehensive action plan to identify and address the challenges faced by the river, with the aim to create a river Gwenfro that its surrounding communities can be proud of.

With its source in the Clywydian hills near Bwlchgwyn, the river Gwenfro flows down through farmland then through the villages of Southsea and New Broughton. It then reaches Wrexham City Centre where it becomes a highly modified urban river with stetches of it invisible as it runs beneath the city. It resurfaces again and can be found flowing through Caia Park before joining the river Clywedog at Kings Mill which then joins the river Dee Special Area of Conservation.

Unfortunately, like many rivers across Wales and the UK, the river is not in its best health as it suffers from flooding, fly-tipping, invasive species, pollution, and urban modification. Welsh Dee Trust and Groundwork North Wales are keen to understand from communities how these issues can be addressed so the river can be improved for both people and wildlife. 

Key Objectives of the Project:

  • Community Engagement: The project aims to actively involve residents, local businesses, schools, and community groups in the creation of the action plan for the river Gwenfro.
  • Education and Awareness: Community events and sessions in schools will be delivered to raise awareness about the importance and health of the river Gwenfro.
  • Environmental Assessment: Through thorough research and data collection, the project seeks to identify key environmental issues affecting the river, including water quality, biodiversity, and habitat quality.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Welsh Dee Trust will facilitate partnerships with local authorities, environmental agencies, and other stakeholders to ensure a holistic and well-informed approach to river restoration.

How to get involved.

Share your thoughts!

Welsh Dee Trust are asking people to fill in a short questionnaire to hear thoughts and opinions on the river to help shape the project: English / Cymraeg the questionnaire can also be found on the Welsh Dee Trust website.

Walk along the river with us.

Welsh Dee Trust and Groundwork North Wales is inviting Wrexham’s residents to a Gwenfro community river clean on 17th March at 10am at Kings Mill, Wrexham. The event will be a morning collecting litter walking along the river from Kingsmill to Caia and back. Come along to learn more about the river and share your thoughts while giving back! More details can be found here.