Running since 2017, the Our Back Yard project works to empower communities and collaborate with local organisations to improve green spaces in Connah’s Quay for current and future generations.

Our year in review…

The OBY volunteers have had a busy year:

  • contributing over 1,500 hours to the project come rain or shine!
  • collecting over 100 bags of litter from green spaces
  • visiting 15 different sites across Connah’s Quay
  • learning lots of new skills including first aid, species identification and traditional crafts

The OBY team have made a big difference:

  • hosting 7 organisations who wanted to make a difference to their local area
  • hosting 14 events throughout the year, with over 350 people taking part!
  • giving nature a helping hand by planting wildflower meadows across Connah’s Quay, providing a home and food source for our amazing wildlife
  • maintaining and enhancing woodlands, grasslands, waterways and paths
  • working with schools, colleges and youth groups to connect young people to nature and their local community

Thank you to everyone for your support and hard work in 2022, we’re excited to see what 2023 brings! – From the OBY team