Groundwork North Wales wins re accreditation for Investing in Volunteers Award


Groundwork North Wales has recently achieved re-accreditation of the Investing in Volunteers Quality Standard, recognising excellent practice in working with volunteers. This time the Award encompasses the Groundwork North Wales Group which includes Wild Ground and Refurbs

Lorna Crawshaw, Head of Programmes and Partnerships said, “We would like to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers for their commitment in supporting the Groundwork North Wales Group.  Our work helps to create better neighbourhoods, conserve and increase support for the natural environment, reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, support people living on low incomes to affordably furnish their homes, build skills and job prospects and to live and work in a greener way.”

Investing in Volunteers is the UK wide quality standard for organisations involving volunteers.   It aims to improve the quality of volunteering experience for volunteers and to encourage organisations to better recognise the enormous contribution made by volunteers.  Investing in Volunteers is managed in Wales by Wales Council for Voluntary Action.

Around 80 organisations in Wales have achieved Investing in Volunteers to date, with about half of these having renewed the award (which is valid for 3 years) at least once.  There are more than 800 achieving organisations across the UK.

Groundwork North Wales was recently reassessed against a range of best practice standards and proved its competence in all aspects of working with its volunteers.

The Groundwork Group supports volunteers in many projects mostly offering outdoor volunteering experiences improving green spaces, conserving the natural environment and increasing biodiversity.  Two volunteers commented on their volunteer experience.

“It’s great feeling as part of a group, I have learnt new skills and the volunteering gives me a purpose in life. It’s a great way to socialise so I don’t become lonely”. Anonymous quote from a volunteer. 

“I really enjoy working with the group of volunteers and being outdoors, by volunteering on the Our Back Yard project I have learnt a lot about the Connah’s Quay area and feel much more positive about the area, it’s made me appreciate it more”.  Cameron Cooke, Our Back Yard Project volunteer


Karen Balmer, Chief Executive, Groundwork North Wales said, “We are delighted to once again have achieved this important award and that it now covers the Groundwork North Wales Group. We will use it to continue to improve our support for our Volunteers.  Investing in Volunteers is the UK quality standard for all organisations that work with volunteers, designed to improve the quality of the volunteering experience and for organisations to acknowledge the enormous contribution made by volunteers. I would like to thank all our volunteers past and present for their support and commitment. ”