Top energy saving tips from the Groundwork Energy team


We specialise in helping the most vulnerable people in society to save money by saving energy so that they can live more comfortably, be healthier and reduce their environmental impact.

We are working to deliver programmes like  Leap, The Energy Saving Bank and Smart Energy GB that give people practical solutions to their energy problems, providing advice and guidance, installing practical energy efficiency measures and finding ways to reduce utility bills.

The recent rise of energy prices, energy market volatility, and COVID-19 are factors that are aggravating each individual circumstances, and leading people to fuel poverty.

Here are our top energy saving tips that produce real results and help save energy and money

  • Switch off the lights in the rooms that are not in use
  • Reduce one or two degrees in the heating temperature (18˚C it is fine)
  • Switch off the sockets that are not in use (do you know, if the sockets are not in use but the side button is on, that still carrying electricity?)
  • Just put the amount of water needed for that moment. For example, if you are making just a cup of tea, just fill the kettle with that required amount of water. Every time the kettle is on it is equivalent to 300 bulbs on.
  • Use blackout curtains this will reduce the energy loss of energy
  • Close the curtains in the evening as the temperatures drop significantly
  • Do not leave appliances on standby
  • Use Smart plugs with an energy monitoring function.
  • Put lids on pans when cooking
  • Reduce shower time
  • Use a bowl to wash up
  • Change the washing machine cycle to 30˚C, the washing detergents are developed to wash at low temperature.
  • Change the dishwasher cycle to Economy 
  • Use a radiator foil as this is a simple way to reduce the radiator’s energy loss. This foil can be purchased in any DIY store, easily trimmed with a scissor to the radiator size and fitted at the back of the radiator to reflect the heat into the room keeping the room warm for longer.

For help or advice please contact  the energy team Groundwork North Wales 01978 757524 or email: [email protected]