A partnership collaboration of Wrexham Council, Xplore! Science Discovery Centre and Groundwork North Wales

has secured £75,215 from Natural Resources Wales’ Resilient Communities Fund for a project to educate young people on climate change, carbon emissions and taking pride in their local environment.

Xplore! Science Discovery Centre - WILD WATCH Project

The ‘WILD WATCH Project’ will allow Xplore! Science Discovery Centre to work with learners in years 5 and 6. The project will facilitate discussions around climate change, carbon emissions and look at the impact it has had on our local biodiversity. ‘Wild watch’ will further look at other impacts on biodiversity as well as, why it’s important, and how understanding biodiversity can help to mitigate climate change.

The project aims to ensure young people will have a better understanding of how they can play a part in its protection by making changes that support and enhance the natural environment and wildlife. The project aims to create a generation of young people who are better connected with nature and feel the health and well-being benefits associated with actively enjoying and supporting nature in a changing climate.

Groundwork North Wales - Greener Communities (Youth Project)

Groundwork North Wales will look to support urban communities to conserve, regenerate and build pride in their local natural environments.

The Greener Communities project is a volunteer focussed programme of engagement enabling people to connect with their local green spaces supporting the development of confidence, self-esteem, well-being, and reconnection with the green spaces in participant’s local areas.

14-18 year olds in education will get the opportunity to attend structured sessions that educate on environmental impacts and improvements to the biodiversity of their local areas.

18-24 year olds will have the opportunity to take part in an eight-week programme to gain skills that will support their personal development. They will plan and deliver community improvements whilst learning about climate change mitigation and the environmental impacts the green spaces will offer to their communities.

Cllr David A Bithell, Climate Champion, said: “We’re delighted to be a part of this partnership with Xplore! and Groundwork North Wales which will allow so many young people an opportunity to learn about the harmful impacts of climate change and carbon emissions on the natural environment. We want to thank Natural Resources Wales’ Resilient Communities Fund for supporting this important work in our community.”

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Environment, said: “There are so many benefits to having pride in your environment. What is particularly important is how the WILD WATCH Project and the Greener Communities Youth Project will support the health and wellbeing of the young people taking part, promoting confidence and self-esteem, as well as building strong communities.”

Karen Balmer, Groundwork North Wales CEO, said “It is great that we are able to provide this opportunity for our future generations to learn about climate change mitigation and the environmental impacts on green spaces. These sessions will not only benefit the individuals and their futures but the communities they live in too.”