Spon Green Nature Reserve, Spon Green Lane, Buckley, CH7 3BH (By Appointment)

On street parking on Spon Green Lane

Grid reference: SJ 289 634

0.25 hectares

No toilet facilities available

Visit by appointment only

Contact  01978 757524 | [email protected]

This small private site is on the edge of the town of Buckley. Wild Ground own the site and manage the ponds and meadow/grassland for conservation of the Great crested newt and other wildlife.

Spon Green is a small reserve consisting of three key habitat types: grassland, hedgerows and ponds

Notable species

  • Birds: Long tailed tit, swallow, linnet, bullfinch, dunnock
  • Mammals: Badger,
  • Butterflies: Green-veined white, gatekeeper
  • Amphibians: Great crested newt, palmate newt, smooth newt, common frog, common toad

Special Features
Spon Green supports all five widespread amphibian species in the UK

The management objective for this site is to prevent bramble being the main feature of the grassland but through cutting and raking, maintain a rough grassland, to encourage a more diverse botanical diversity, and increase invertebrate diversity. The hedgerows will be managed by maintaining the linear feature as breeding bird habitat, and hedgelaying. Pond management will be targeted at improving them for amphibians, by removing bulrush.