Brandie Brook Nature Reserve , Pant Glas, Johnstown, LL14 2BF (By Appointment)

On street parking on Pant Glas

Grid Reference: SJ 299 457

1.43 hectares

No toilet facilities available

By Appointment only

Contact 01978 269568 | [email protected]

The Brandie Brook Reserve forms part of the Johnstown Special Area of Conservation (SAC) that is a nationally important area for Great Crested Newts. The site was initially a mitigation site for a Barrett Homes development for the protection of the Great Crested Newt and is not open to the public.

Ponds, Grassland and Hedgerows

Notable species

  • Birds: bullfinch and redwing, swallow, house martins, mute swan, snipe, great tit, goldfinch, magpie and chaffinch.
  • Mammals: monitoring for mammals has not been carried out on the site so far.
  • Amphibians: common frog, common toad, smooth newt, palmate newt and great crested newt.
  • Woody Species: alder, hedgerow shrubs of hawthorn and Blackthorn.
  • Herbaceous Species: grassland species of Herb Robert, buttercup, rosebay willowherb and wetland species of common spotted orchid, field horsetail and common reedmace.

Special Features

This reserve is an example of a ‘brownfield site’ – an area that was once used for industry (in this case a pallet construction factory) and in which nature has started to take over.

Brownfield sites are known to be especially rich in wildflowers and invertebrates, including threatened butterflies.


Scrub and larger trees are allowed to grow in some areas of the reserve and together with log and rubble piles provide overwintering habitat for amphibians. In other areas, grass and wildflowers are encouraged to grow long to provide areas of cover for amphibians to feed and disperse. The pond on the reserve provides the breeding habitat for amphibians to lay their eggs in the spring.