Aberderfyn Nature Reserve, Bangor Road, Johnstown, Wrexham, LL14 2SS (Open Access)

Parking available in the lay by next to the pumping station

Grid Reference SJ 207 459

3.22 hectares

No toilet facilities available

Open Access

Contact  01978 757524 | [email protected]

This site forms part of the Stryt Las and Hafod Special Area of Conservation at Johnstown, Wrexham. Formerly owned by the coal authority, it is now owned and managed by Wild Ground for the conservation of the great crested newt and other wildlife. There are public footpaths throughout the site.

The habitat is mainly grassland/meadow with several small ponds. Surrounding areas of land support a mosaic of scrub and planted trees, grassland, and tall vegetation.

Notable species

  • Amphibians - Great crested newts, smooth newt, palmate newt, common frog, and common toad.
  • Birds - Bullfinch, redwing, swallow, house martins, mute swan, snipe, great tit, goldfinch, magpie and chaffinch.

Special Features
The site has several mine shafts that have been capped off. Certain ponds, particularly at Hafod, were specifically created for amphibian conservation purposes.

This area forms part of the Stryt Las a’r Hafod SSSI and the Johnstown Newt Sites SAC and is among the country’s best wildlife sites. It is also important on a European scale for its biodiversity.

When the Hafod Quarry was developed as a landfill site, a large number of great crested newts were discovered in the quarry pool. To safeguard their welfare, newts were ‘translocated’ out of their original habitat so that they would not be harmed during the works.

A site for great crested newts.