Porvair the Wrexham based manufacturer and developer of porous plastic materials and microplate technologies joined Wild Ground at their Broughton nature reserve for a day of tree planting last week.

Porvair Sciences have recently formed a Sustainability Team to empower their employees to make positive changes in the company and in their communities. The team have been looking at the company’s carbon footprint and found that they had used ten trees worth of printing last year!

Porvair Sciences Sustainability Team believe that replacing what they use is a great starting point alongside other plans to reduce overall paper usage across the company.

Rachel Nickerson, Customer Services Support at Porvair Sciences commented.

“We have a lot of employees at Porvair Sciences that care about the environment in work and at home, so we wanted to be able to elevate that through action.

We had such a fantastic time and learnt so much about the area that we live in and the concerns of the impact of what we do on a daily basis, everyone who went really enjoyed the experience and a big thank you to Geraint, who was great, patient and even brought biscuits.”

Trees planted were native oak trees, that can live up to 900 years. Over that time, they will capture many tonnes of Carbon from CO2 in the atmosphere. The Oak tree supports more life than any other native tree species in the UK, and even their fallen leaves support biodiversity.

Wild Ground own and manage a variety of sites across North East Wales. The work undertaken on these sites not only supports the current ecological needs of the sites but enhances it. Wild Ground work to engage, inspire and enthuse local communities to act together to protect wildlife, and enhance habitats and eco-systems. The work they carry out enables them to manage these important sites for the present day and for future generations.

Anyone wanting to volunteer with Wild Ground should contact Wild Ground on 01978 757524 or email [email protected].