Wild Grounds Newts Networks Project started in April 2023 and is funded by the Heritage Lottery fund

The project supports a range of activities and capital improvements to nature reserves focussing on Wild Grounds’ Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Special Areas of Conservation sites (SAC). The team at Wild Ground have been working hard to deliver this project throughout the year, increasing the resilience of this protected network of sites in north east Wales.

To increase understanding and support for newts and their habitats, several outdoor community events were held across the nature reserves over the summer months. This included nature craft events, family den building session and guided nocturnal nature walks.

Starting in Autumn 2023 a series of special education sessions are being delivered in schools across north east Wales. Reserve Officers visit schools to offer 3 sessions focusing on understanding newts and looking at ways the schools’ grounds can be improved to increase biodiversity.

Over the winter months capital works will take place, with pond restoration on various sites. Throughout the project the team are also supporting work on partner sites to provide habitat connectivity. This includes ARC’s site at Maes y Grug and Flintshire County Councils Llwyni Quiet site.  The capital works will improve habitats for newts and enhance general biodiversity.