Over the past 6 difficult months there has been an unprecedented use and appreciation of our outdoor green spaces, with more and more people making use of our reserves for exercise and wellbeing.

Unfortunately there has also been an increase in littering and fly-tipping across our sites, including garden waste, dog-pooh bags and even furniture. 

Our reserves team have had to divert more time into litter picking and making these areas safe and welcoming, taking time away from improving access, surveying wildlife and managing habitats.

Green and garden waste, including lawn clippings is also regarded as fly tipping as it can change the nutrients in the soil and introduce invasive species.  

We will be working more closely with communities and councillors on prevention and where appropriate enforcement actions.  Please help us keep our sites clean and safe – take litter and pooh bags home, and if you observe any fly-tipping on our reserves please report it to us via [email protected]