Making food go further aims to raise awareness about reducing food waste.

Thanks to funding from the Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme, administered by the WCVA the project will host community cooking workshops and various community awareness-raising events through the Community Fridge at Refurbs Flint and through our Repair and Reuse centre with café in Buckley.

Workshops will focus on demonstrating how to reduce food waste and encourage ways of diverting food waste from landfill through making use of surplus food, cooking with leftovers, composting, and educating people on the differences between best-before and use-by dates.

The project will host community food drives to collect unwanted store cupboard essentials that would have otherwise gone to waste and utilise them at our community fridge at Refurbs Flint. Our Community Fridge Coordinator will liaise with local supermarkets, shops, and food producers to secure donations of food which would otherwise go to waste (such as food reaching the end of its shelf life or surplus/imperfect fruit and vegetables).

Community members who attend our workshops and awareness raising events will benefit from new knowledge and skills to reduce food waste, save money, and make nutritious meals from items which would have gone to landfill. Individuals will experience the additional social benefits of the workshops and events.

The project will be to recruiting volunteers to support the project and the Community Fridge. If you would be interested in getting involved and volunteering for the Community Fridge and project, you can read the volunteer role description HERE.

If you would like to apply, please call Hollie on 01978 757524 or email [email protected]

Our project will directly benefit the local communities through reducing food waste, offering a provision of food for those who need it, and the opportunity for the community to build skills through volunteering and attending the workshops and events.  

Check out our Events page for details on workshops and events.