Looking for a scare this Halloween?

Here goes: 39.9 million pumpkins will be bought this Halloween, and of these, a whopping 22 million pumpkins will go to waste, left uneaten. That’s £32.6 million worth of edible food!

Why? Because after carving, many-a-pumpkin’s guts are simply thrown away. Their purpose as the infamous jack o’ lantern overshadows their true purpose – dinner! The good news is, now 3 in 5 people (59%) know you can eat your carving pumpkin.

Groundwork North Wales and their partner organization Refurbs Flint are working with Hubbub on their #EatYourPumpkin campaign. Originating in  2014 the campaign has inspired lots of eerie-sistable pumpkin recipes and dishes to show people how to save them from the bin.

The campaign has inspired hundreds of community events across the UK to reaching millions online with press and social media campaigns, attitudes towards eating pumpkins nationally have shifted from 42% of the population thinking you can eat your pumpkin to now 59% in 2022.

To encourage you to #EatYourPumpkin Groundwork North Wales has created a fantastic pumpkin soup recipe for you to try which can be found HERE. Refurbs Flint have a Community Fridge (which is open on Wednesday and Friday mornings 9.30am-11.30am) they will have pumpkin soup samples for you to try on Friday, Oct 21st and both  Caffi Cyfle at Alyn Waters Country Park and Caffi Cyfle at Refurbs Repair and Reuse Centre in Buckley will have the delicious pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie on their menu over the next two weeks.

All you really need to do to be a part of the campaign and help reduce the amount of pumpkins wasted this Halloween is #EatYourPumpkin!