Summer events in Broughton

We have opened up two sites – Lane End and Broughton – to the public this summer with an exciting family events programme.  21 visitors joined the national Big Butterfly Count campaign at Lane End, contributing to the 15 species spotted on the site this year, as well as two day-flying moths. 

Other activities ranged from wildflower seed bomb-making, through crafts and storytelling, to pond dips enjoyed on both sites.  Reserves Manager Paul Farnborough said, “it was a joy to see so many children engaging with wildlife, wowing at water scorpions and dragonfly larvae, alongside water beetles, pond skaters and larval newts”.  Over 200 visitors attended across the 15 events we hosted, with smiles, positive feedback and even donations from happy families, we look forward to hosting the next round of events over half-term.

We are grateful to players of the Postcode Lottery and to the Postcode Local Trust for supporting our events on Broughton, and to Redrow for supporting those on Lane End.

Look out for more free family fun activities during the October half-term.