Volunteering opportunities for recently arrived refugees

Our new ‘Welcome to Wales’ project is aimed at young refugees who have recently arrived in North East Wales.

The project will offer a weekly volunteer session held at our Workshop at Refurbs Flint where young people (ages 16 – 24)   can come together for practical volunteer sessions to learn new skills and make items out of recycled materials that will then be offered for sale to support the local community.

The project will offer much more than just a volunteering opportunity.  Participants will take part in relaxed and meaningful activities with the aim to build confidence and form friendships through shared experiences and becoming more familiar with the local area.

Once the volunteers have gained confidence, they will have options to progress to further volunteering opportunities in other areas of Refurbs such as the community fridge or in retail areas to continue to develop skills.

The project aims to support 25 Volunteers in the first year and to will;

•             Provide a tailored weekly volunteering opportunity for new volunteers who have arrived in northeast Wales as refugees

•             Offer a supportive and inclusive place where new volunteers can build their confidence in a group, become more confident with their spoken English

•             Build build practical skills, to support participants in moving toward education or work in their area of interest

•             Improve mental well-being by providing opportunities for regular social contact and the opportunity to share life experiences with others in similar situations

•             Improve general wellbeing - Volunteering itself is also known to have a positive impact on wellbeing.

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