Coastal Skills education programme

Our new Coastal Skills education programme thanks to funding from the John Andrews Trust teaches primary children about the coastal environment

Marine pollution, particularly plastics, is now a greater issue than ever, and it has been predicted that by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish.

  • The  school sessions will highlight local marine issues through a combination of classroom and beach-based sessions, allowing children the chance to investigate local wildlife and carry out practical experiments linked to plastics and waste.
  • Introduction to marine threats - introductory quiz, and experiment on the challenge of cleaning our ocean.
  • Beach safari - As a group, list the items we expect to find along the high tide line (HTL); walk the HTL looking for signs of creatures (eg whelk/cuttlefish shells, egg cases, corals) and rubbish; collect any rubbish found and tally all items spotted; create life-size graphs on the beach.
  • Take action - Think of ways to use new knowledge to reduce waste on beaches and in the sea in the local area; write letters to parents to explain the project; create & design stickers/bin notices/posters to reduce littering in the local area.

For more information please contact Groundwork North Wales 01978 757524