FOUNDATION - KEY STAGE 4. A blend of the science curriculum together with First Aid.

DURATION: 9.45am - 2.30pm Available at: Groundwork North Wales Education Centre COST : At Groundwork North Wales Education Centre: £215 single group (up to 35 pupils) / £430 double group (up to 70 pupils)
At your School: £130 Half Day / £255 Extended Full Day Programme / £255 2 x Half-day single group (up to 70 pupils) - am & pm

Produced by qualified teachers and first aid practitioners, this cross curricular programme uses modern teaching strategies to link elements of the human body, the circulatory system and heart health with an introduction to First Aid for children.

This is a great opportunity for your class to expand their knowledge of how the body works. It also gives children a unique opportunity to use CPR training manikins and other first aid resources to take responsibility for keeping the mind and body safe and healthy.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how the heart pumps blood in 2 circuits, lungs and body.
  • Be able to understand that O2 and CO2 and water vapour are exchanged in the lungs.
  • Understand the importance of exercise and having an active lifestyle.
  • Understand when the heart stops the body runs out of its oxygen supply and it shuts down.
  • Demonstrate how they can potentially save a life with CPR
  • Understand the basics of First Aid

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