On Thursday 24th May 2018, 24 employees from Blakemore who run Spar stores across North Wales came to Groundwork North Wales to volunteer for a full day to improve the outdoor facilities at the Environmental Education Centre and award winning Holiday Club.


The volunteer day was part of BITC Cymru #Action Day that encourages employee volunteering throughout Wales. The day was also supported by construction company Gallifrod Try who supplied materials and skilled joiners.

The volunteers made a big difference to the outdoor spaces and woodlands at the Groundwork Environmental Centre and updated the areas that are used by thousands of children from all around North Wales who come here to play, explore and learn. During the day the team created a new fire pit area in woodlands, built tree platforms for den building, improved the Education Centre and spruced up the outdoor facilities at the holiday club.

Dan Sant, Manager at Monkmoor Spar Store said, “Everyone loves coming out of store for day and to come out of normal routine. Volunteering projects like this gives us a real sense of pride as we can see the big differences we are making as a team.  It helps us bond together & improve our communication as a team whilst benefitting a local cause that helps build stronger communities”

“Today has inspired me to do more volunteer projects together with others in the community in order to grow professionally and benefit some really great local causes. From meeting new people today I think I have a better understanding of issues affecting my local community & can think of many ways we can help bring different people together. Plus working outdoors is great for the mind and I’ve really enjoyed it!”

Shanone Towers, Education Manager at Groundwork North Wales said, “A huge well done to all the volunteers today, you have been a real support to us & helped create a real sense of community. Thank you on behalf of our team and all the young people who will benefit from today’s many accomplishments”.

Matt Appleby –Director, Business in the Community Cymru “Employee volunteering is one of the most powerful ways businesses can support communities across Wales. It can provide the resources to achieve otherwise unrealisable tasks for many organisations, helping to raise the confidence and aspirations of service users, improve physical spaces, or allow in-kind savings which mean more funds can be invested in the delivery of quality services. Employee volunteering is a win-win-win for businesses, employees and communities throughout Wales, so it is fantastic to see Blakemore and Galliford Try taking part in our Action Days”