Thanks to funding from the Knife Crime Community Fund, Groundwork North Wales have developed and delivered a new project called Ripples aiming to reduce knife crime and its terrible effects. RIPples is so called, as when a violent crime is committed there is a huge ripple effect into the surrounding community.


The innovative programme shows young people how the bravado of carrying or using a knife can have a disastrous effect on themselves, their families, friends and the community in which they live.

Aaron Jones, Project Coordinator from Groundwork North Wales who helped develop RIPples said ‘The programme involved engaging with young people at risk of being affected by knife crime and covers the physical impact of knife injuries, the potential for a person carrying a knife to become a victim of their own weapon, the law surrounding possession and how an injury may be prevented from becoming a fatality by teaching relevant first aid with a catastrophic bleed course.”

“It gives participants a very good understanding of how to avoid threatening situation with a self-defence class demonstrating how to protect yourself without resorting to carrying a knife.   We also did workshops with the group providing positive experiences of using knives in a constructive way, for example, with bushcraft sessions.”

One of the most powerful elements of the programme was the testimony of Marc Williams, from Wrexham who spoke to the group about his experiences when of his cousin was tragically stabbed to death in Wrexham during a night out.

Marc said, “The murder has had a devastating effect on my whole family who feel they will never fully recover from what has happened. I hope that by telling my families’ story it will have a positive effect on the group and have an impact on the lives of the young people involved, making them think twice about picking up a knife by hearing about the consequences first-hand.”

Local MP for Wrexham, Ian Lucas attended the final session to present the young people with achievement certificates, awarded as a result of attending the project.

Ian Lucas said, ‘Knife crime can have a devastating impact on victims, perpetrators and the families of both’. This project highlights those dangers and I would like to thank all concerned for their work.”

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