DURATION:  9.45am - 2.30pm 
Available at: Groundwork North Wales Education Centre and in your class
COST: At Groundwork North Wales Education Centre: £215 single group (up to 35 pupils) / £430 double group (up to 70 pupils)
At your School: £130 Half Day / £255 Extended Full Day Programme / £255 2 x Half-day single group (up to 70 pupils) - am & pm

The energy STEM challenge helping pupils champion the environment and become enthusiasts of positive behaviour change by designing their ultimate energy efficient home!  

This is a great way to introduce the whole topic of energy at KS2.

Through personal investigation, students will first be introduced to how energy is made and gets to their homes, Your class will work together to explore a variety of home efficiency tool, investigating & evaluating a range of familiar products, thinking about how they work, how they are used & the views of the people who use them, learning aspects of fuel and energy sources and how they can become more energy savvy to conserve energy in their own home.


  • Know how energy is generated and the potential problems this may cause.
  • To learn about renewable sources of energy (wind and solar), and why this type of energy is important for our future.
  • Know about everyday appliances that use electricity
  • Recognise how people can improve the environment or damage it.
  • To carry out an investigation using various fuel efficiency measures.
  • Discovering how smart meters - a new technology being installed in British homes - can help their families become more energy efficient.
  • Suggest alternative ways of making products

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